Setting SameTime Home Server during ST Client Installation

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 07/16/2008 at 03:33 PM


Domino Upgrades / Installations

Default the server name for the SameTime instant messaging server during the Client installation.

If using the MS Windows install with silent install, edit the silentinstall.ini and update the STSERVERNAME and STCOMMUNITYNAME fields. If tunnelling, update the STSERVERPORT from 1533 to 80.

More Info:
If using ST 7.0x, the "Sametime Client Packager", can use a default connect.ini and include the host name. The packager allows you to copy the "completed" one as part of the install. Use an existing manually configured client's connect.ini as a template.
(Packager is also on the Components CD)

For 7.5.1, the installer can use the silent install file to setup configuration options. (see the silentinstall.ini note above).

For 8.0x, the installer (Windows and OSX, Linux is still RPM), the actual Sametime FEATURES configuration is now part of the update site "provisioning". Basically, you copy the files (whole folder except the Linux RPM) to a network folder is has read access by the installer. For connectivity (default host info), edit the community-config.xml file in the deploy folder.

For features, you then customize the default install by updating either:
- the install manifest file (deploy/install.xml)
- updating the plugin_customization.ini file (deploy/plugin_customization.ini)
See technotes: 1264766, 21261055.

You can also copy the install files to the SameTime server's data folder in "data\domino\html\sametime\network-install" and update the URL in the file (..\network-install\applet\
See the "Making the client installation files available for download" topic in the Administration help PDF.

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