instructions for sending mindwatering files


  • We can accept files on Windows compatible floppy disk, zip, or CD. Unless upon request, we do not keep your source disk/CD/zip in our archives; and return them to you upon job completion.
  • If compressing files, ensure they are in a WinZip compatible.
  • We can accept files sent as attachments via e-mail. Our anti-spam software does not allow .exe, scr, .vbs, or .pif extensions. Our total e-mail attachment limit is about 50 MB; however, use your best judgment in sending larger files. Instead, use the send option below.
  • We do not accept native Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PictureIt, Harvard Graphics, Print Shop/Print Shop Pro, or CorelDraw files. *

* These files may save out to a file extension we do accept.

Send Mindwatering files

Specific instructions for common image formats

Specific instructions for software applications