Sametime Migration from 6.51 to 6.51 with Buddy List Migration

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 12/16/2005 at 11:25 PM


Domino Upgrades / Installations

Following are tasks necessary for migration users from one Sametime server to another one.
Steps include information for migrating buddy lists.

Install FixPacks for Domino and Sametime 6.51
(Assumes a 6.51 Domino system)
1. Install 6.51 fixpack for Domino
2. INstall 6.51 fixpack for Sametime
3. Upgrade Domino to 6.54
Note: Step 3 may not be supported by Lotus, but many of us run 6.54.
4. Verify logins from web and that ST tasks are all running.
Download conversion configuration tool if necessary. See doclink: Database 'Support Reference', View 'Support Library\By Category', Document 'Migrating Buddy Lists for Name Changes (e.g. CN or OU or O)'
Tool is needed if:
- new server has users with different hierarchical names
- new server stores name in LDAP instead of Domino (or vice-versa)

(Time: 5-30 minutes)
Shut down current Sametime server briefly
Copy the vpuserinfo.nsf, at file system level from "old" server to "new" server
Restart current Sametime server (so users can access)

(Time: 30 minutes - 6 hours)

1. Shut down Sametime.
2. Move migraged vpuserinfo.nsf to new Sametime server in the data directory replacing existing one.
Note: Keep a copy in case first take isn't quite perfect. That never happens... ;-)
3. Shut down STaddin task.
4. If not needing conversion tool, skip to step 7.
5. Setup configuration file for conversion tool for Domino to LDAP conversion.
(Hand editing this file is tedious and will take some time.)
6. Run migration/configuration exe
7. Bring up Sametime server
PART 3 - Post Installation
(Time: 1 - 12 hrs, depending on size of user base and if policies are being used.)
1. Manually update a few person records of test users with new Sametime server (e.g. ST01/MW)
(if new server name is different than old one.)
2. Update manually the users' (modified in step 1) location docs for new Sametime server
(once again, if new server name different)
3a. Test user logins and awareness in Notes Client, in Sametime Client, and STLinks, as needed.
Note: If using 6.51 there is an issue for awareness with LDAP on server, upgrade to 6.52 or hack mail template.
3b. Test buddy additions, removals, chat, and groups for test users.
4. Upon successful testing, modify organizational policy and push down to users.
Note: Location docs may NOT update and this will be a headache.

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