Servlet Initialization Issues Encountered with Sametime (3.1 & 6.5.1)

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 09/25/2005 at 12:57 PM


Domino Server Issues Troubleshooting

\uxxxx Encoding Issue
Sametime has error with the "DominoConfigurationServlet":
"Unable to get configuration object: Malformed \uxxxxx encoding.

If the link is bad, the 1 sentence fix is that you have a configuration option probably specifying a drive path that contains the escape characters:
e.g. FileDlgDirectory=d:\documents\user\data instead of somevariable=d:\\us\\data

The file that containing the "bad" variable is usually notes.ini (c:\lotus\domino) often either sametime.ini (c:\lotus\domino) or (c:\lotus\domino\data).


NoClassDefFound Issue
This is usually the case of missing Java class files or old versions of class files being
found before the "good" ones. This is often seen in upgrades from Domino R5 to Domino6.

Error message is similar to:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java/util/jar/JarFile"

See the following technote:
1173184 on the Lotus support site. (technote is for regular Java agents, but fixed this Sametime specific issue, as well.)

If you cannot find the technote, simply see if you have multiple directories containing the java files in question.
Remove the older ones. In this case and the technote's case, the new files were in new /jvm/bin directory
rather than in the Lotus/Domino directory as in R5.

Note: This also could also be seen in "regular" Java agents, too.


Unable to get Configuration Object
See the following cases...

1. If contains XSLT processing string, check the XML file referenced for some bogus characters within a configuration field.
This is usually related to invalid characters for XML being in the server name or some other configuration field.

2. If contains authentication, directory logon issue, check the the id you use for the configuration servet to access Domino securely.
Perhaps the steps to do this were not all completed, or perhaps the password changed.
Perform the steps in the beginning on the first page of chapter 2, "Things You Know", in the Sametime Release Notes on securing the configuration servlet.
(Notice the apostrophy and the ampersand characters are in this list. These are the most common mistakes.)

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