Install SameTime on Unsupported Distro Version

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 09/08/2010 at 02:36 AM


Domino Upgrades / Installations

You are running a supported distro but the version number is a point up. (e.g. you ran yum upgrade).
Now you are stuck. Even though Lotus Domino is happy being on 5.4 instead of 5.3, it appears SameTime's installer is REALLY picky. So instead of installing, you see a message: "This Operating System Is Not Supported".

Downgrade and try again. (However, this is stupid in the Linux world. Only the actual kernel upgrade requires a restart.)

Instead, type:
# export STSkipAllChecks=true
and, then type:
# ./setupLinux.bin

Non-supported Distro packages to install beyond Domino and other Info:
You should install the following for Ubuntu:
(Note: OS can be 64 bit or 32 bit, but Domino must still be 32 bit. Ubuntu is not a supported distro; however, we have found it runs better w/less memory and crashes less on this distro.)
# apt-get install libstdc++5
# apt-get install ia32-libs

For Redhat / CentOS:
(Note: Make sure OS is 32 bit for Domino 8.x. For Domino 9.0.x 64bit is preferred UNLESS installing Sametime Community Chat server. For ST all have to be 32 bit or ST install doesn't complete correctly. )
# yum install libstdc++
# yum install bc
# yum install perl

That's worked for us with SameTime Entry and SameTime Standard 8.0., 8.0.1, 8.5.0, and 8.5.1 on RedHat and CentOS 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4.

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