Sametime SSL Error Codes

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 05/07/2014 at 09:41 PM


Domino Server Issues Troubleshooting

Sametime LDAP is giving off an error code in the /local/notesdata/Trace/stdirectory-date-time.txt file. The message includes the phrases "SSL initialization failure" and "ldap_ssl_client failed".
After the phrase includes a number pair such as 113/408. The second number is evidently a standard Java error number that matches the ones in the WAS documentation.

Below is a table I found buried within one of the older WAS version docs.
So for the example of 113/408. The error is a password failure issue.
- This can either be that the password saved was typed in incorrectly.
- The IBM/Lotus Sametime server could not find the key.sth file for the key.kdb. e.g. It was not copied to the same folder where the key.kdb was successfully picked up.

1 Environment or SSL handle not valid
3 Internal SSL error
4 Insufficient storage is available
5 The environment or connection is not in the open state
6, 407 Keyfile label is not valid or certificate is not trusted
7 No certificate received from partner
8 Certificate validation error
9 Error processing cryptography
10 Error validating ASN.1 fields in certificate
11 Error connecting to LDAP server
102 Keyring I/O error
103 The database is not a key database
202 Keyring open error
106 Key database file is corrupted
109 Key database does not contain any valid CA certificates
201 Key database password or stash filename not set
203 Unable to generate temporary RSA key
204 Key database password is expired
301 Close failed
302 Connection has an active write
401 Validity time period for the certificate has expired
402 No ciphers matched the server and client lists of acceptable ciphers
403 No client certificate is to be used
405 The certificate type is not supported
406 I/O error communicating with peer application
6, 407 Keyfile label is not valid or certificate is not trusted
408 Keyring password is incorrect
410 Incorrectly-formatted message received from peer application
411 Message verification failed
412 SSL protocol or certificate type is not supported
413 Certificate signature is not correct for a certificate received from the peer
414 Certificate is not valid
415 Peer application has violated the SSL protocol
416 Not authorized to access key database
417 Self-signed certificate cannot be validated
420 Socket closed by peer
422 V3 cipher is not valid
427 Unable to access the LDAP directory
428 The client key did not contain a private key
431 Certificate has been revoked
432 Session renegotiation is not allowed
433 Key exceeds allowable export size
434 Certificate key is not compatible with the negotiated cipher suite
435 Missing CA certificate
436 CRL cannot be processed
437 A close notification alert has been sent for the connection
438 Internal error reported by remote partner
439 Unknown alert received from remote partner
501 The buffer size is negative or zero
502 Operation would block
503 Read would be blocked
504 Write would be blocked
505 Record overflow
602 Function identifier is not valid
701 Attribute ID is not valid
702 Attribute length is not valid
703 Attribute enumeration value is not valid
705 Attribute value is not valid
706 Attribute parameter value is not valid

-1000 none Failed loading SSL DLL
-1001 none Failed locating SSL function

12 or any other unmapped SSL reason code Unrecognized error

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