Disable or Change AutoUpdates in Windows 10

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 08/27 at 12:34 PM


General PC Maintenance

Default is to let Windows manage it.

Solution for "Pro" and "Enterprise" Editions:
We can use the GPO (Group Policy Editor) to disable it, and put at least the control of when back in the user's hand.

1. Start --> Type to search bar --> gpedit.msc

2. Browse on the left menu sidebar:
Local Computer Policy --> Computer Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> Windows Components --> Windows Update

- On the right, locate:
a. Configure Automatic Updates, double-click to open.
Not Configured indicates that MS controls all.
Disabled indicates automatic updates component is disabled.
Enabled indicates that we are allowing ourselves to control when we want to update.

- Choose Disabled to keep your system at its current software point.
- Choose Enabled, and underneath the Options field below, select a number between 2 and 5. Yes, MS removed option #1. Make your selection from what you are given. (You can choose any color, as long as the color is black. )
The only option that keeps software from auto downloading is option 2: Notify for download and auto install.

2. The default is to download updates from anywhere, yes, even other MS Windows 10 workstations across the Internet. That violates our security compliance.
Start -- In the Find a Setting box, enter Windows Updates Settings, from the dropdown, choose Advanced Settings.

Change Allow download from other PCs, to Off.

As of 8/2021, the Find a Setting box, changes to Advanced Windows Update Options --> (scroll down) Delivery Optimization.

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