Electric Vehicle Fuel and Charge Cost Calculator



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For the EV (electronic vehicle) side:
- update the kW price from your electrical provider's web site, or your monthly bill.
- update the number of miles you can get from your battery.
- update the number of kW (kilowatts) used by your charger for 120V or 240V depending how you plug in / charge your car.

For the Gas side:
- update the gas/gallon price.
- update the cars gas mileage (mpg).

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Elec. / kW Price
Ave. Miles / Full Battery
Charge kWh Used
120V kW
204V kW
Gas / Gallon Price
Average MPG
EV Charging
120V Cost / Mile
$ / mi.
240V Cost / Mile
$ / mi.
Charge Cost 120 vs 240
$ vs
Fuel / Gas
Cost / Mile
$ / mi.